Below is our analysis of the top 20 universities (according to THE) that teach economics, law, politics, engineering, and education and health; and how these courses align with the actions needed to tackle the climate emergency and ecological crisis.

We have revealed that these institutions fall woefully short of the kind of action we need to see, and this uncovers a problem: the people with the privilege to study at the so-called ‘top’ universities, and go on to become key decision makers across society, are being educated at institutions that do not act in the public good and do not ensure their graduates are prepared to lead a more just and sustainable future.

We are calling on these top 20 institutions to change their curriculums – young people should be able to choose an education at a world class institution that will equip them to deal with the world’s greatest challenges. And it’s not just about world leaders; everyone has the opportunity to contribute positively to climate solutions, and therefore every career and educational opportunity should reflect this.

Overall Rankings